ERP & Software Contracts – CMC’s 5 Top Tips

By Change Management, ERP, ERP Evaluation, ERP Implementation, ERP Strategy, Insights, Project Management, Software Evaluation
Deciding to implement a new ERP or software solution for any business is a major decision. During the evaluation process it important that you not only select the solution that will meet your business requirements but also the vendor who you believe will be the best cultural fit for your...
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Don’t Throw your ERP Baby Out with the Bath Water

By Business Benefits, ERP, ERP Evaluation, ERP Implementation, ERP Strategy, Insights, Software Evaluation, Strategic Consulting
Many companies approach us when they are looking to evaluate a new ERP Solution for their business. One of our key discoveries is that management and staff feel disappointed with their current supplier and there are usually common themes including: The current solution is 10 – 20+ years old and...
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What Does ERP Mean To You?

There are quite a few acronyms used in business. There are also numerous trends that come and go. Many will remember Y2K – the year 2000 problem, the “Millennium bug” that related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for dates beginning in the year 2000. Problems were anticipated,...
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