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CIO Services

Does your business have access to CIO Services?

Small to medium sized businesses today face many of the same challenges as large organisations face but often lack the experienced and expert guidance necessary to overcome them.

With the rapid pace of technology, organisations of all sizes now have access to Cloud computing, open-source software, and sophisticated mobile devices. This together with diminishing hardware costs have opened the door for SMEs to compete with larger companies in numerous ways.

However, with greater options comes greater complexity. Business owners and staff are usually focused on business-as-usual activities. There are many project initiatives to be delivered, often with limited budgets and very little time or energy is available for strategic IT planning.

SME’s often need the support of senior technology professionals who understand their company’s business objectives and who can provide independent, trusted advice in how to best use technology to support those objectives moving forward. Essentially, someone who can play the role that a CIO would normally have in a larger company.

Getting quality IT advice and a reliable independent sounding board is more critical than ever in today’s competitive business environment.

CIO Consulting

CMC provides effective independent IT and business technology leadership, advice and direction to our clients on an as required or part time basis.

An Outsourced CIO is most often beneficial when an organisation lacks a full-service IT department, has limited IT staff or is seeking the support and guidance of a more experienced IT professional who can mentor the in-house IT Manager or to provide direct support to the senior management team where and when required.

CMC’s Consultants

CMC’s senior consultants have decades of strategic and practical IT experience across many industries. They focus on quickly understanding your business and technology needs and pain points, engaging senior stakeholders and ensuring risks are identified and mitigated.

They will work with you on a collaborative basis to develop the technology roadmap you need to manage and report on IT activities including the framework for scoping, engagement and effective delivery of your IT environment.

Outsourced CIO Services

CIO Services include:

IT Strategy Management and Advice
  • Effective development, planning and management of the IT strategy to support the business goals.
  • Execution of the IT strategy and development of the technology roadmap.
  • Advice on innovation or emerging technology trends and impacts on your company.
IT Mentoring and Leadership
  • Monthly mentoring and guidance for IT Staff who would like to develop new skills.
  • Facilitate talent acquisition and selection of IT staff.
Independent Technology Evaluation and Support
  • Effective and pragmatic Technology Assessments (Software, Vendors, IT Services, Outsourced Hosting etc)
  • Technical support for Tender and Vendor Management.
Project Delivery Management
  • Project Management on a part-time basis.
  • Effective PMO and project delivery management support on current and planned business systems related initiatives.
  • Project Governance and QA Review.
Executive IT Directorship
  • IT Representation for Steering Committees and Executive Boards.
  • Advice on strategic business and technology transactions —such as Mergers & Acquisitions and Governance, Risks and Compliance challenges.
  • Planning for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Benefits of Outsourced CIO Services

Benefits of having access to a trusted CIO Advisor on an as required or part time basis are:

  • Access to “on call” CIO expertise at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time professional CIO on staff.
  • Availability of strategic, tactical and/or operational IT support on call.
  • A sounding board for business owners and senior stakeholder for any technology related decisions.
  • 100% technology agnostic and independent of Vendors and/or Solutions.
  • Professional mentoring and career development for IT staff.
  • Up to date knowledge of technology trends and impacts.
  • Experience with the IT budgeting process with a focus on IT simplification and cost reduction.
  • Reduced organisational risk and significantly lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

Is it time for you to engage a Trusted IT Advisor?

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CMC provided independent CIO Services for our recent systems upgrade. The support they provided was pragmatic and highly valued by our team. CMC has a collaborative way of working that achieved the best outcome for us with our vendor

Anthony King - Managing DirectorGrocery Corporation