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What does it mean to be an Independent ERP or IT Consultant?

In the context of the above question, there are 2 key definitions for what it means to be independent ERP or IT Consultant:

  1. An individual or a firm that is recognised as having expertise and specialised skills and knowledge in the evaluation and implementation of ERP and IT Solutions.
  2. An individual or firm who provides impartial advice and does not benefit financially (either directly or indirectly) from any ERP or IT Vendors for providing advice regarding potential solutions or service offerings to clients.

When CMC is speaking with clients for the first time, we are often asked whether we maintain 100% independence when we are conducting our ERP, IT and Business System Reviews.  The core of CMC’s business strategy has always been based on the answer being a clear “Yes”.

CMC is very proud of our 40 year history of being completely committed to being 100% independent

Peter Goes - Managing DirectorCombined Management Consultants

Core Principles

It is absolutely critical to our ongoing success as an organisation that we focus on ensuring all or our consultants and project managers are independent.

The following core principles are part of CMC’s Code of Conduct:

  • CMC’s process is thorough, transparent, auditable and 100% vendor agnostic.
  • CMC follows a rigorous probity and due diligence approach to all our engagements.
  • CMC is not influenced by any Vendors. We do not take incentives, commissions, favours or gifts from any Vendor under any circumstances. We never have in our 40 year history and we never will.
  • CMC facilitates the Evaluation Process, but we do not vote or recommend. We ensure our Client’s Evaluation Team has all the information and guidance they need to make their decision.
  • CMC ensures all suitable Vendors have the opportunity to qualify themselves in or out of the evaluations we conduct.
  • CMC ensures all Vendors have open access to the client.
  • CMC continually researches the market to ensure that all appropriate Vendors are identified and invited to participate in the Evaluation Process.
  • CMC shares all Q&A information with participating Vendors.