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Warehouse Management Consulting

CMC’s Warehouse Management Consulting practice assists our clients with operating more efficiently in all areas of warehousing, supply chain and distribution. Our consulting services include warehouse assessments, designing warehouse layouts and the evaluation and selection of warehouse management systems (WMS).

Warehouse Assessment

Review of warehouse costs, staffing, systems and facility efficiencies in order to develop the most appropriate ways to improve your fulfilment capability.

Warehouse Layout and Design

  • Consulting services for warehouse layout and design; including analysing and developing product flow, sourcing and budgeting for fixture and material handling equipment needs.
  • Warehouse Site Location Studies.
  • Review of new warehouse site locations. We analyse in-depth factors such as occupancy and labour costs, labour and facility availability, inbound and outbound shipping costs, etc.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Evaluating, selecting and contracting for third party logistics and fulfilment outsourcing. We also assist with contract review, transition planning and implementation to the selected service provider; as well as establishing in-house operations in order to move to or away from outsourcing providers.


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We engaged the services of CMC to assist in the early stages of our Warehouse Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Project. We felt we needed the advice and guidance of an independent and proven consulting organisation

Michael Gazal - Chairman and CEOGazal Corporation (Now PVHBA)