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Benefits of a Business Process Review

One of the key challenges organisations face when they are looking to scale their businesses is the realisation that their current ERP or business systems will not support the growth they are looking to achieve.

Most organisations have not upgraded or replaced their business systems for over a decade, and they are missing out on technology advancements and developments in workflows and business intelligence tools.

If you are planning to expand your business, develop new and innovative products and solutions, increase staff productivity, reduce costs and deliver greater levels of service to your customers, you may need to be aware of new technologies and the potential benefits they can offer your organisation.

Outdated systems could be costing you time and money.

Prior to deciding on the upgrade or replacement of your core business systems, we recommend an independent Business Process Review. This may be completed as part of a continuous improvement program or as a predecessor to evaluating a new ERP for the business.

Companies today face increasing challenges, particularly the speed at which technology is changing

Business Process Review

A Business Process Review will identify:

  • Inefficiencies in your current business processes such as manual workarounds and double handling.
  • Information and management reporting challenges, typically evident by overuse of MS Excel.
  • Areas where there is duplication of data entry which may be error prone.
  • If your staff are frustrated with the time it takes to complete tasks such as monthly financial reports.
  • If your systems are outdated and more work could be automated, and exception based.
  • If effective visualisation of your data could save your staff laboriously wading through lengthy reports and provide them with the information they need in a targeted and real time manner.
Business Process

Benefits of a Business Process Review

A Business Process review will enable you to drive performance and accountability across all areas of your business. Process improvements and potential innovations may offer you the opportunity to expand into new markets with your products and services.

Additionally, you will see other benefits including:

  • A consistent way of working across the business.
  • Automated workflows and alerts to reduce effort and increase productivity.
  • Access to real time, reliable and accurate information, improving your decision-making capability.
  • Opportunities to improve your customer service levels and response times.
  • Increased ability to attract and retain quality staff.
  • Access to the right management information at the right time.

A Business Process Review can also provide input into your Strategic Information Systems Plan which will provide you with a clear set of Recommendations, Workstreams and an Action plan to enable you and your team to effectively drive improvements for the next 3 – 5 years.

One of these workstreams may be a market assessment of alternative ERP solutions if your current business systems are unable to support the growth of your organisation moving forward.