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Don’t Throw your ERP Baby Out with the Bath Water

By Business Benefits, ERP, ERP Evaluation, ERP Implementation, ERP Strategy, Insights, Software Evaluation, Strategic Consulting
Many companies approach us when they are looking to evaluate a new ERP Solution for their business. One of our key discoveries is that management and staff feel disappointed with their current supplier and there are usually common themes including: The current solution is 10 – 20+ years old and...
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Why Business Process Owners are Critical to the Success of ERP Projects

By Business Process Analysis, ERP Evaluation, ERP Implementation, ERP Strategy, Insights, Project Management, Software Evaluation
One of the most important aspects of leading an ERP or Business System Evaluation and Implementation Project is selecting and assigning roles and responsibilities around business processes. The Business Process Owners (BPOs) are an integral part of the Evaluation Team and are responsible for documenting business processes from end-to-end. As...
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Sales Is Not About Selling

By Sales
Sales is about authentic and genuine listening. Sales is also about asking great questions. When we meet senior business managers for the first time, we are always interested in learning more about them and their situation. Many prospects are unsure of their needs and are risk averse. As consultants we...
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