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How do we consistently serve our Clients?

By September 21, 2019January 1st, 2021Customer Service

In most businesses there is usually a great deal of focus on improving the customer experience.

It has been long recognised that repeat business from an existing client is always more cost effective and rewarding than trying to win new business.

CMC believes that to improve our client’s experience and create customers who are raving fans, we must first ensure we have staff who are raving fans

Our staff are paramount to our client’s success

When determining if a consultant is the right fit for CMC, we consider the following questions:

  • Do our consultants have the knowledge and experience that our client’s need?
  • Do our consultants keep abreast of current and emerging digital technologies?
  • Do our consultants seek opportunities for professional and personal growth?
  • Do our consultants strive to add extra value to the projects they are working on?
  • Do our consultants truly care about our clients and the outcomes they deliver?

Insight and Innovation

CMC’s clients look to us to provide insightful and innovative ideas to solve their business and technology problems in the most cost-effective way.

Hiring and retaining exceptional consultants delivers outstanding long-term results for our clients

  1. Relationships with our existing clients are strong and positive. Familiar faces and known competencies means lower churn rates.
  2. Staff loyalty means that our consultants are well versed in CMC’s methodologies, therefore our clients always have access to the very latest templates and processes.
  3. We have confidence that our consultants will always do the right thing. They require minimal day to day management. This translates to low stress for our clients and higher levels of productivity.
  4. Consultants with a focus of delivering value and exceeding our client’s expectations are always much appreciated.