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Change Management

ERP Failure

Why do ERP Projects Succeed or Fail?

By Business Process Analysis, ERP, ERP Evaluation, ERP Implementation, ERP Strategy, Insights, Project Management, Software Evaluation
There are many reasons why ERP Projects either succeed or fail. However, the reasons can never be attributed or reduced to only one or two factors. It is also rarely about the technology and more often about the way the technology gets implemented. On the surface, it may look like...
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Considering a New ERP – What’s the Big Deal?

By Business Benefits, Change Management, ERP Evaluation, ERP Implementation, ERP Strategy, Project Management, Software Evaluation
When companies decide to implement a new ERP solution, they often jump right into the ERP Evaluation process without first taking the time to consider the following important questions.   Is Senior Management fully supportive of going to the market for a new ERP?   Has an appropriate budget been...
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