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Key Contributors to a Successful Project

By September 12, 2018January 1st, 2021Project Management

When we meet prospects for the first time they often ask us how we will ensure their project will be successful and delivered on time and budget. Many have had poor experiences in the past and are looking to ensure they have a better outcome this time around.

CMC begins every project with an Executive Planning Session. This is the first activity and a key contributor to the success of any project.

It is critical that the business sponsor and senior managers attend this session where we listen to our clients to understand the vision for the organisation and their future business and technology strategy

We facilitate a discussion to understand the current business dynamics and ecosystems and the pain points that the company is hoping to address. Once we have a very clear view of the key drivers and business priorities we can then delve deeper into how we can help them moving forward.

Some companies have already defined their business problem, whilst others need guidance and support to do this. Every situation is unique and requires expertise and insight into the direction of the business and the organisation’s readiness for change.

“Effective change requires strong internal leadership and ongoing executive support whilst the organisation transitions to a future state”

Core Principles

We believe the following core principles underpin every successful project and will ensure the strategy is delivered more effectively and efficiently.

  • Strong Project Management – effective planning of resources and tasks.
  • Teamwork – collaborative and pragmatic work methods, involving business users in all stages.
  • Business Ownership of the Outcomes – emphasis on mentoring and skills transfer within the team.
  • No Surprises Policy – managing expectations with milestones at short intervals to demonstrate delivery and build confidence.
  • Accountability – tight scope and budget control.
  • Governance and QA – formal approval points and a focus on earned value throughout the project lifecycle.