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Organisational Change Management

The implementation of any strategic business or technology initiative can cause major changes to an organisation, particularly in the areas of management responsibilities, team structures, business processes and staff KPI’s.

The challenge of building a new organisational structure to drive the business into the future is a task that most managers are not experienced in or well equipped to deal with. Organisational Change Management (OCM) is required to put a strategic perspective on how the organisation will transition from the pre project state to the post implementation state.

Organisational Change Management Consulting

CMC has decades of experience with business process and organisational change management. The former plans transition from “as it” to “to be” business processes while the latter considers the organisational and communication aspects.

Organisations are typically set up to deliver against certain expectations that change significantly when a new business system is implemented. CMC will guide you through the transition process and assist with:

  • Defining the organisational structure for the business going forward.
  • Identifying individuals and roles that need to be promoted, supported, trained or made redundant.
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of their teams moving forward.

CMC has a strong commitment to ensuring that our Change Management and Transition activities are practical and sustainable and support the business throughout the duration of the project and beyond.

People Side of Change

With implementing any major change initiative, it is also important to pay attention to the people side of change. CMC’s consultants also provide the expertise to develop a change management framework so that all stakeholders have the awareness, desire, knowledge, and skills needed for continuous improvement. Our change management framework also ensures that each major process has a business process owner with defined roles, responsibilities, and process metrics agreed and documented.

Not every process needs the same level of business process improvement. By analysing and prioritising your needs and focusing your efforts, you can achieve significant improvement in profitability and gain competitive advantage in the shortest time possible.


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I would highly recommended CMC to any business that might be considering significant organisational change or an upgrade to their core business systems

Michael Gazal - Chairman and CEOGazal Corporation (Now PVHBA)