Kalyx is an independent crop research organisation (CRO).  The company operates primarily in the wheat belt around Australia and is a service provider to the major agrichemical/seed companies around the world like Bayer, Nufarm, Monsanto, Syngeta, BASF, Pioneer Seeds, Pacific Seeds etc as well as Australian Government Institutions like CSIRO, Dept Agriculture, GRDC and Grower groups.

Business Challenge

Kalyx was looking to streamline their business processes and drive efficiencies by implementing suitable customised bespoke applications as well as commercially available “off the shelf” solutions to support the organisation moving forward.

The functionality required for a new integrated ERP business system included:

  • Workflow, Reporting and Templates for Field Trials
  • Finance
  • Payroll, HR and WHS
  • Scheduling and Quoting
  • Controlling / Managing Trials
  • Reporting and KPIs

ERP Evaluation Results

CMC worked with Kalyx to define the Business Systems and Integration Strategy and to develop the Implementation Project Plan. The Corporate Data Model and Data Flows were defined, and CMC worked in partnership with the in-house team to build the framework to extract data from multiple research databases in order to facilitate interim and final internal and external reporting.

CMC also project managed the ERP Evaluation for the Finance, HR and Payroll systems to support the business and the selected solutions were successfully implemented. CMC continues to provide CIO Services to Kalyx on an ongoing basis.