PVH Brands Australia (PVHBA) is a joint venture between Gazal Corporation and PVH Corporation.

Business Challenge

Gazal and PVH Corporation needed to develop a clear and agreed eCommerce Strategy for the future development and deployment of an eCommerce capability for Gazal and PVHBA. The strategy needed to encompass:

  • PVHBA Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein operations closely aligned to the global eCommerce strategy for PVH.
  • PVHBA Heritage Brands operations including Van Heusen, Nancy Ganz, Hold Me Tight and B2B operations.
  • A plan to transition the Gazal/PVHBA eCommerce strategy.

eCommerce Strategy Results

CMC provided Strategic Planning and Consulting Services to:

  • Define and assess eCommerce business requirements for the Gazal & PVHBA business, including existing requirements and future requirements not in the current eCommerce capability.
  • Define and assess eCommerce integration requirements for the Gazal & PVHBA business.
  • Agree a suitable eCommerce approach with PVH for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein operations in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Leverage experience, knowledge and vendor relationships from PVH internationally to successfully establish the Gazal & PVHBA eCommerce strategy.
  • Conduct a review and evaluation of applications that would be required to enable the strategy. This broad review included SAP FMS ERP solution currently being implemented in PVH Europe to enable an omni-channel capability.
  • Assess and evaluate Vendors and eCommerce platforms and solutions to meet Gazal/PVHBA requirements and identify a platform from which planned future omni-channel sales growth may be realised.
  • Identify the resources, roles and responsibilities required to support the eCommerce strategy including accountability for sales, fulfilment and overall profitability across all channels.
  • Identify and document the key business processes to support the eCommerce strategy.

Following this project, CMC provided support for the eCommerce Strategy as well as defined the platform and approach for the deployment of an eCommerce solution covering B2C and B2B sites.

CMC then supported Gazal & PVHBA with:

  • Negotiating the eCommerce platform licence agreement.
  • Updating the licence agreements with CKI/PVH to include clauses for eCommerce.
  • Updating the Gazal 5 Year Plan to reflect the estimated impact (revenue and cost) of implementing and supporting the eCommerce capability.
  • Investigating and identifying the estimated cost of implementing the SAP FMS solution at Gazal to support the eCommerce capability.
  • Obtaining stakeholder agreement for the eCommerce Strategy and obtain formal sign-off to continue to the design and implementation of the solution.


  • Definition of a coherent and consistent omni-channel marketing approach for all Gazal & PVHBA business lines.
  • A scalable eCommerce platform and approach aligned with the PVH Global eCommerce strategy.
  • An eCommerce capability to support planned future Gazal & PVHBA growth.
  • Consistency in brand message and content for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein globally.
  • Better support to marketing to allow them to improve the user experience.
  • Clear platform upgrade path available to Gazal & PVHBA.
  • Facilitate faster development times for enhancements and integrations.
  • An eCommerce platform that provides 24 x 7 support in line with on-line availability of the site.

The project was a tremendous success and CMC continues to support PVHBA with ongoing Strategic Consulting and Project Management services.