Most projects require some degree of Business Process and Systems Analysis. This is often the most critical part of a Business, ERP or IT initiative as it is the foundation for identifying the business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organisational change or strategic planning and policy development.

No business can afford to stand still. Global competition and rapid innovation are raising the bar for organisations to continually develop new products, increase customer satisfaction, improve quality, and reduce costs. Every organisation needs operational excellence.

In some cases, business leaders may know where they have opportunities for strategic improvements. In other cases, however, the task can be overwhelming, with business processes spanning multiple functions across multiple locations.

CMC’s Focused Approach to Business Process Improvement

An exhaustive effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all business processes is rarely justified. CMC’s approach is to identify the areas of highest priority, with the greatest return on investment, and where the recommendations have the highest likelihood of being implemented.

Business Process improvement usually falls into 3 key categories.

  • Formalise the Process – for processes that perform at an acceptable level, it may be enough to formalise them through process modeling and process mapping, by documenting roles, responsibilities, major activities, and performance criteria, and then providing additional training if required.
  • Improve the Process – processes that are substandard in terms of cost, schedule, or quality may require optimisation, but not wholesale process transformation. CMC’s recommendations may be to eliminate waste, combine tasks, do activities in parallel, automate elements of the process, or apply industry best practices. The goal is to reduce cycle time, improve quality and minimise costs.
  • Re-engineer the Process – business processes that are beyond repair or show opportunity for breakthrough performance may require radical transformation through business process reengineering. CMC facilitates breakthrough thinking and application of new technologies to achieve improvement in performance.


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When providing Business Analysts for a number of our projects, CMC ensured the consultants were appropriately skilled with significant experience in related projects and industries. CMC’s consultants had the requisite knowledge and most importantly the right cultural fit for our company

Shannon McKay - Senior Project ManagerING Administration