Enterprise and Linear Asset Management

Asset owners are facing the ever increasing challenge of balancing existing service levels, asset performance, risk and expenditure over their asset lifecycles. Knowing how to efficiently manage and use business assets to drive revenues and generate earnings is essential to understanding how to increase business value.

A successful enterprise asset management solution must deliver you world class production and operational asset performance. It must also bring you integrated business processes that deliver maximum life cycle profits from your operational assets.

A truly successful enterprise or linear asset management solution gets greater operational equipment efficiency and maximum productivity by:

  • Optimising life cycle profits and minimising life cycle costs.
  • Applying proactive enterprise and linear asset management disciplines.
  • Using defect elimination systems that protect your assets.
  • Reducing production, operational and equipment risk.
  • Introducing continuous improvement in equipment reliability maintenance efficiency.
  • Making world best enterprise and linear asset management the standard practice in your operation.

CMC’s Asset Management Experience

With significant industry experience in all of these lifecycle phases, CMC’s team of highly qualified asset management specialists understand the challenges faced by asset owners and operators. Companies want greatly improved and sustainable productivity from existing enterprise and linear asset management processes.

By working to improve your enterprise asset management and maintenance processes you ensure that you get optimal returns on asset investment. With CMC as your independent Asset Management Solution Consultants that is exactly what you will get. You gain all our extensive, expert industry and industrial business improvement experience for your operation.

Asset Management Support

CMC provides support for Asset Management consulting support in the following areas:

  • Executive Engagement and Mentoring
  • Project Direction
  • Solution Management
  • Functional and Project Team Establishment
  • Requirements Definition
  • Solution Evaluation and Selection
  • Business Process Change Management and Communications
  • Implementation Project Management
  • Business Case Development
  • Data Migration Management

CMC Success Stories

Some of CMC’s significant clients include:

  • Sydney Trains – Enterprise Asset Management
  • John Holland Rail – Linear Asset Management
  • John Holland Group – Enterprise Asset Management
  • CS Energy – Enterprise Asset Management
  • QLD Airports – Enterprise Asset Management
  • QLD Energy Resources – Enterprise Asset Management


Asset Management was a key theme for our project. CMC has substantial experience with Linear Asset and Enterprise Asset Management solutions in complex corporate environments.
Stakeholder engagement and facilitation was also essential to the success of our project and CMC did an exemplar job in this area. Policy analysis and development was also part of their role as well

Chris Payne, Chief Financial OfficerJohn Holland Rail