Project management is essential to any business or technology endeavour that involves a transition from an existing state to a future state. From small family businesses or single department implementations to major complex enterprise-wide transformations, strong project skills ensure work is completed on time, within budget and will meet the expectations of the business owners and key stakeholders.

CMC has decades of experience in application delivery, infrastructure and development who reinforce the importance of clear and open communication focused on ensuring project objectives are met.

The point of a project is not merely delivery. The focus must be to realise benefits, whether cost savings, enabling new or expanded business, risk reduction, etc. Our perspectives are shaped by our understanding of the current state and vision of the future. This focus enables us to support and guide your external service providers, vendors and internal staff towards a collaborative and successful outcome.

CMC Project Management Methodology

CMC’s Project Management Methodology is fully aligned to the Project Management Institute’s® Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBok®), recognised as world’s best practice in Project Management. The project management component of CMC’s approach commences with the business case or feasibility study and proceeds through the planning, execution and closing of projects.

CMC’s Project Management Methodology reduces the risk for projects by introducing a stable and structured environment. Start-up times are reduced dramatically by decreasing the learning curve for project initiation and planning and by providing instant access to project structure and template documents.

CMC’s Methodology also defines the approach required to complete specific tasks, so that the required level of quality and efficiency is achieved.

In-house mentoring in the use of CMC’s Methodology and its application to our client’s projects is offered to all CMC personnel. A number of our consultants are engaged in situations where the client organisation has specific methodology requirements. In these cases, the client’s methodology takes precedence over CMC’s Methodology.

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CMC’s Senior Project Managers all have exceptional communication and leadership skills and their flexibility, dedication, hard work and creative solutions assisted us in meeting our aggressive implementation schedules. Their ability to adapt to our approach and to a diverse team of individuals and personalities all contributed to the success of our projects

David McBeth - Manager PMOCorporate Express (now Staples)