John Holland Rail was awarded the contract to operate and maintain the NSW Country Regional Network (CRN) on behalf of Country Rail Infrastructure Authority (CRIA).

The organisation decided to implement an electronic Time and Attendance system to streamline operational effectiveness of time and attendance recording and reporting.

Business Challenge

John Holland required Project Management support to implement the solution. This also included the delivery of effective training for all appropriate staff as well as mentoring for the process and operational changes in the organisation resulting from this project.

A key objective of the project was to ensure the correct payment of wages, salaries and allowances to the CRN workforce from the correct application of business rules within the MitreFinch TMS and its interface to the payroll system.

Additionally, it was important to ensure the correct allocation of labour costs to asset maintenance via the interface to Maximo Linear Asset Management System.


CMC provided Project Management support to implement MitreFinch for John Holland Rail (CRN) which included:

  • Preparation of a Project Plan to identify key milestones dates and critical path tasks. A central register was created to collate outstanding issues.
  • Risks workshop to understand risks unique to MF project.
  • Planning UAT – identify test scenarios grouped by Users, Supervisors and Administrator / Managers.
  • Developing the Training Plan – focus on draft plan and overview of training for Superintendents Workshop.
  • Communications and Change Management Planning – draft for Superintendents Workshop.
  • Cutover and Go Live Planning – integrated with Maximo plans.
  • Procurement Planning for Clock On and Off devices for depots – confirm biometric devices that could be used.
  • Managing and coordinating project tasks particularly UAT, Training and Cutover activities.