This division of Telstra was responsible for deploying, managing and maintaining the network of public and private Payphones deployed nationally. Business initiatives were underway to introduce more flexible payphone payment options, particularly the Telstra Phonecard.

Business Challenge

Telstra had announced the release of Phonecard phones and the supply of Phonecards through Agencies, Post Offices and Newsagents, however there was no system in place to enable the distribution process and ordering to be managed.


The commencement of CMC’s engagement with Payphone Services was to conduct a Requirements Analysis and RFI process on behalf of Telstra to select an appropriate distribution and financials package for the launch and marketing of Phonecards.

A market assessment was conducted and Oracle Financials chosen as part of the solution. The remainder of the solution, which was the majority of the application functionality required, was designed and built as a bespoke system, using Oracle development tools. Functionality included Order Processing, Sales Analysis, Financial Reporting, Integration to Oracle Financials and Inventory Management.

CMC were then invited to provide the Project Manager for the Project and to ensure that the system was delivered on schedule. The schedule was inflexible due to a substantial financial and timing commitment to a marketing campaign which was due to launch to coincide with the Phonecard system release.

The system was deployed nationally on time and on budget. The success of the delivery of this project resulted in Payphones Management inviting CMC to continue working with the organisation by managing a number of additional projects. The duration of the engagements totalled over 8 years and included a GIS System, Payphone Profitability System, System Development Life Cycle and Mobile Payphone System.