PVH Brands Australia (PVHBA) is a joint venture between Gazal Corporation and PVH Corporation.  PVHBA utilised the consulting services of CMC to define, develop and deploy an eCommerce Solution that would support the future growth of the business. This included the development of two websites utilising the Magento eCommerce Platform.

Business Challenge

PVHBA decided to evaluate and assess a suitable Magento Vendor and Solution Partner for the development of the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein sites for Australia and New Zealand.


CMC facilitated the Vendor Evaluation process. It was paramount to the success of the project that the successful Vendor would be able to form a strong ongoing partnership with PVHBA to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop Australian and New Zealand e-Commerce websites for TH and CK.
  • Design and build a hosting solution for the new e-Commerce websites.
  • Establish an ongoing 24/7 Support Strategy.
  • Provide compliance to PVH Information Security and Practices Policy.
  • Agree ongoing services to keep up to date with design, navigation and structural changes in the global sites.
  • Extend all services to other PVHBA brands and leverage improvements made across all PVHBA sites so that the new sites would effectively mirror the global sites in design, structure, navigation and performance.

CMC’s independent Evaluation Methodology was utilised to conduct the evaluation which included the Request for Proposal, Vendor Presentations, Due Diligence and Reference Checking. The preferred Vendor then proceeded to implementation. CMC continues to support Gazal with strategic consulting and project management services.