The EPA has a commitment to publish air quality information for members of the public, special interest groups and academics. The publishing strategy for NSW Government is based on Web based delivery of information.

The EPA was at the same time standardising IT delivery processes and was implementing parts of the Rational Unified Processes. CMC were requested to assist the EPA in building courseware for the rollout to IT and delivering some early courses.

Business Challenge

A new AQMS had been built as a prototype in MS Access. The application was unable to meet a number of key business objectives – including timely and accurate publishing of data to the Web. The EPA required a thorough test process to be executed on the AQMS system to:

  • Determine and carry out the actions necessary to stabilise the application to production status; and
  • To provide a recommendation to the EPA as to the best strategy for the future for AQMS.


A significant number of issues were identified and resolved through the implementation and use of CMC’s Collaborative Risk Based Testing (CRBT) Methodology. The system was stabilised and migrated to a production state, although still missing some functionality. A recommendation to replace the existing system was made and a high level assessment of potential replacement packaged solutions was conducted and documented.

CMC’s Test Manager created and delivered the courseware to the IT Group as requested. Subsequent activities included CMC creating and delivering training material for the APT-Systems Project Management Methodology.