Simms International is a highly successful business in a growth phase. Simms market and support technology related products such as Apple products, Kingston memory etc.

They sell to corporate resellers, system integrators and retail markets and focus on a small, select group of vendors.

Business Challenge

Simms International has recently undergone expansion in its retail field and back office sales teams in order to leverage considerable opportunities identified for product sales, distribution and marketing in the retail space. The organisation required a solution to manage the growth and expansion of products and offerings in the retail sector, with the ability to be scaled up in alignment with projected growth in number of users and data to be managed.

In order to assist both the field and back office sales teams meet the needs of their retail customers Simms International has identified a requirement for a Sales Force Automation and CRM system. Functionality of the new system needed to include:

  • Capture and maintain customer and contact data
  • Plan and execute sales rep journey plans and call activity
  • Present information relevant to the customer during the call
  • Capture information during customer call
  • Analysis and reporting


CMC provided project management support for the Pre-Qualification of the Vendors. CMC also provided Simms with the required templates to prepare an RFP and the processes to conduct an independent Evaluation and Selection process.

CMC worked with Simms to define the Business Scenarios for the Vendor demonstrations and to QA activities relating to the Evaluation.