The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) was formulating a strategy for an SAP database and application upgrade across the enterprise. This covered many areas of the organisation, particularly Finance and HR and Payroll. A strategy for the future Payroll processing and hosting for the ABC was within the project scope.

Business Challenge

The ABC needed to ensure the continuity of ABC’s HR processing capability post August 2007, which comprised acquiring SAP licenses and delivering ASP services to the ABC.

The ABC needed to determine the most appropriate and lowest risk strategy, considering other service providers and/or applications. As well as determining the best way forward, new Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that were required by the business and associated regulatory bodies needed to be defined and incorporated into any agreements with the chosen service provider.


The Business Case also included funding for Technical Upgrade Assessments for the HR and Payroll and Finance systems .The recommended strategy included endorsement of a three stage process and approval of budget to acquire SAP software licenses and continue ASP payroll processing services with PayOffice. The Business Case was given approval by the Board.