Ozemail was a National provider of Internet Services. The company has been subdivided to enable acquisition by WorldCom and UUNet.

Business Challenge

The Billing Systems for the rapidly expanding organisation were incapable of sustaining the load of new business, requiring the urgent provision of DBA Services to support the application pending the selection of a replacement. CMC provided a contract DBA resource.

Additional requirements for a Test Methodology and skills transfer to in house staff were identified by Ozemail and CMC’s management. CMC’s Collaborative Risk Based Testing (CRBT) Methodology was deployed, along with a number of consultants to effect deployment and skills transfer to in-house staff.

Ozemail also required a senior consulting resource capable of strategic management of some key IT initiatives within the business.


CMC provided a Project Director to Ozemail. This resource was later appointed CIO of the business as a permanent employee. CMC also provided a Test Manager and DBA.

The management of the Ozemail IT Infrastructure was effective, the Billing System was replaced and Test Methods were deployed for the business on an ongoing basis.