CMC had completed an IT Strategy for Bisalloy. The IT Strategy recommended that several Workstreams be implemented to support the future growth of the business. CMC Project Managed the Proof of Concept based on SAP B1 with an add-on called BEAS for Manufacturing was approved. This then led to the Detailed Scoping and Design Phase.

Business Challenge

Bisalloy recognised they would require strong project management and change management to ensure a successful implementation of the new SAP B1 ERP.

Bisalloy also needed to understand the work effort for the entire project, including a detailed Project Plan for the advanced manufacturing implementation of SAP B1 with BEAS on a HANA Platform.

Project Management – Bisalloy Results

CMC was engaged as the Project Manager to work with the SAP B1 Vendor and key Bisalloy stakeholders to identify the resources, constraints, dependencies, and timeframes for the project. Deliverables were agreed and the project approach was approved to proceed.

CMC successfully completed the project on time and budget.

Our leadership team had a lot of confidence after the initial Executive Planning Session and we all felt there was a good fit between CMC’s experience and what Bisalloy needed in a strategic technology consulting partner

Luke Beale - Company Secretary and CFOBisalloy Steel