Department of Parliamentary Reporting Staff (DPRS) provide IT infrastructure, business solutions and support to Members of Parliament. DPRS required consulting services to review the current implementation of their Program Office and also to develop a 3 – 5 year Strategic Information Systems Plan (SISP). They were also looking for advice on how to improve the value of the Program Office to their clients.

Business Challenge

DPRS were facing significant changes to Government funding policies. The business unit needed to define a manageable strategy going forward which would work within the commercially revised framework. DPRS had many large scale projects and were working towards a standardised framework for effective delivery and needed to refocus the role and direction of the Program Office.


CMC provided two resources that reviewed the Program Office, interviewed the key stakeholders and after discussion and analysis produced a SISP for the evolution and operation of the Program Office over the next 3 years.

The Strategic Information Systems Plan was presented and reviewed by the Directors of each area of DPRS, as well as the Secretary. The SISP was accepted without change and commenced being implemented.