Sydney University Union is an organisation located within Sydney University campus and is responsible for controlling student facilities such as retail shops, child minding, cafeterias and restaurants, academic gown hire etc.

The organisation is controlled by a Board which is comprised of Professional Academic Members as well as Students.

Business Challenge

There were many potential initiatives that could be undertaken by the Union to streamline information flow throughout the organisation. The objective was to create an IT Strategy and to deploy a methodology for defining and managing the projects that would arise from that strategy.


An IT Strategy was defined by CMC following a structured business analysis of all facets of the organisation. The IT Strategy was presented to the Board and Charters for the individual projects within the strategy were prepared to enable Sydney University Union to progress the implementation of the projects.

Prior to the IT strategic work, CMC were responsible for implementing a minicomputer based payroll system for the Union. This needed to control payroll and some human resources functions for approximately 1200 employees.