MBA Insurance Services (MBAIS) is owned by seven of the Master Builder Associations around Australia. MBAIS has been in operation since 1992 and provides a depth of resources with respect to insurance and risk advice for businesses operating in the various sectors of the building and construction industries, whether principal or developer, building contractor or sub-contractor, investor or financier, commercial or residential.

Business Challenge

MBAIS was seeking an independent review of the current Information Systems and associated IT operations to determine the effectiveness of the processes, communications and resources currently in place at MBAIS for the next 2 – 4 years.


CMC developed an IT Strategic Roadmap of critical path initiatives and identified the gaps that existed in the alignment of the business strategy with current IT direction and Information Systems platform. A portfolio of initiatives and sub projects underpinning an Action Plan was also provided in the Strategic Information Systems Plan.

CMC also recommended the set up a foundation for the IT support vendor (MBAV) and MBAIS to collaborate on current and future IT and Business System innovation.

The Strategic Information Systems Plan was well received by the business and the organisation is now implementing the recommendations.