The Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA) were looking to identify a suitable Vendor to outsource the hosting of the organisation’s infrastructure and operating systems. Alternatives to be considered included a fully Cloud based infrastructure service.

Business Challenge

AISSA needed a solution provider that had the capacity and capability to support their requirements now but also had scalability of infrastructure to meet future requirements without significant additional investment. A key requirement was reduced risk and full disaster recovery capability. AISSA also wanted to reduce pressure on the existing server and provide anywhere / anytime access for staff.


CMC was engaged to facilitate an independent evaluation of Infrastructure Hosting Vendors. The scope included:

  • All physical servers currently located at AISSA premises.
  • Server operating system management and maintenance.
  • WAN and LAN Services (threat management, firewall management and internet connectivity).
  • Backup and Restoration; DR Management.
  • Application Support Services (where appropriate e.g. SharePoint, Exchange etc.)

CMC’s Evaluation Methodology was used to assess suitable Vendors who could provide a Hosting solution. Requirements were documented and an RFP was prepared. Vendors were shortlisted and presentations were made to the Evaluation Team. CMC then facilitated the due diligence process and prepared the Vendor Selection Report. The preferred Vendor then proceeded to implementation.