A.T. Kearney was a professional services organisation that specialised in strategic and organisational consulting. The assignment described below was commenced under the direction of EDS Management Consulting, who were taken over by A.T. Kearney during the project.

Business Challenge

Two major Insurance companies, CIC and C.E. Heath were planning to merge; each had completely different IT architectures. A.T. Kearney (EDS at that time) required an experienced application and infrastructure architect to define an appropriate going forward strategy for the merging of the two businesses. One of the insurers was based on Oracle applications running on UNIX servers, the other on IBM and Fujitsu mainframes, with COBOL and DB2 as the primary applications environment.


The application architecture was defined and migration projects were initiated to enable the resulting business to operate effectively. CMC were subsequently requested to assume control of the projects necessary to migrate the mainframe environment to UNIX. All 12 projects were successfully completed, including the mainframe decommissioning and deployment of a new desktop and server SOE.