Banlaw and R&R Murphy businesses were merging and required a new fully integrated ERP, WMS and CRM to replace the legacy systems that were operating at the time.  The business benefits of a Common Operating Model encompassing both the Australian and US operations was the key goal the project.

Business Challenge

To replace the legacy systems running at Banlaw and R&R Murphy with a modern, efficient, and fully integrated ERP that would cater for the needs of both businesses, while enabling the operational differences for each business to be supported with minimal customisation.

The selected ERP system would need to provide improved business process support and better productivity through the use of advanced tools such as MRP and Production Scheduling.

ERP & WMS Evaluation Results

CMC was engaged to facilitate an independent and auditable ERP & WMS Evaluation that provided Banlaw and R&R Murphy with clear decision points throughout the process.

CMC conducted workshops with the Business Process Owners to define the business requirements using CMC’s Business Scenario Methodology.

An RFP process was conducted, culminating in vendor presentations from 3 shortlisted vendors, each representing different ERP solutions.

After extensive due diligence and further capability presentations NetSuite was selected and Detailed Scoping and Design commenced with the successful vendor.

It is anticipated that a Common Operating Model (COM) will deliver the following benefits to the organisation:

  • Where possible, one way of doing things resulting in increased business efficiency, productivity, and improved processes.
  • Common financial reporting.
  • Reduced data entry, double handling, and duplication of effort.
  • Better access to accurate and timely information, financial transparency, and reliable reporting across the organisation.
  • A robust and flexible solution that supports strategic and executive decision making.
  • Reduced reliance on spreadsheets and labour-intensive report preparation.
  • Streamlining current manual and paper-based processes.
  • Improved workflow and process automation for the business.
  • Ease of use and flexibility for supporting dashboards and KPIs.

CMC’s ERP Evaluation process is excellent. I don’t know how we would have made a correct decision about the right ERP for our business without following it. CMC has navigated us through unchartered waters and I’m sure we’ll get a good result. The guidance from CMC was spot on

Bill Clifton - Managing DirectorBanlaw