CS Energy is an energy provider owned by the QLD government. The organisation was seeking advice and guidance from an independent consulting company to conduct an assessment of the SAP business processes and the systems that support them in an effort to streamline operations, provide better visibility of key information and to reduce costs.

Business Challenge

The project was one of 10 reform objectives to help improve work safety, productivity and performance in the business. The review assignment was divided into two key report areas, the first being the Right Systems – Robust Data (RSRD) review and the second a Strategic Procurement Review. The project was seen as an opportunity for SAP change management and training to improve staff productivity and capability.

Anticipated benefits to the business included:

  • Identification of opportunities for improvement.
  • Identification of initiatives that could enable significant cost reductions and process efficiencies.
  • Engagement with key business users to ensure adoption of a Common Operating Model across all sites of the business
  • Optimisation of the SAP systems currently implemented in the business.
  • Identification of risks to the business related to business process and systems deployment.


CMC was selected to conduct the SAP Review due to our independence and specific expertise in the business systems area. CMC interviewed a diverse cross-section of employees in individual and group sessions that covered:

  • Strategic Procurement
  • Plant Maintenance and Permit to Work
  • Finance and Business Planning and Consolidation
  • HR and Payroll
  • Health and Safety and Incident Management
  • Risk and Audit
  • Project Systems
  • Hedge Accounting
  • Learning and Development
  • Engineering
  • Energy Trading
  • Inventory

A Recommendations Report and Action Plan was developed to capitalise on the portfolio of short, mid and long term initiatives that were identified. CMC then scoped the improvement projects which were reviewed and approved to proceed to Design and Implementation.