Canterbury Clothing has a head office in Brisbane, an office in Sydney and stores / sales reps across Australia. Canterbury Clothing was in a situation where the current business system no longer adequately supported the organisation’s functions and did not provide the flexibility to meet the future needs of the business.

Additionally, vendor support for the system was expected to end and Canterbury’s ability to continue to enhance the system was limited.

Business Challenge

Canterbury Clothing needed to identify ERP and POS vendors who were qualified to propose a New Business System (ERP) to the organisation. The new system will provide the following benefits to the organisation:

  • Reduction of business risk by replacing the existing systems with a reliable, functionally advanced solution.
  • Better integration between systems.
  • Reduction of work effort and duplication of tasks due to better business support and reduced reliance on external spread sheets and “off-system” data.
  • The accurate and real time posting of transactions to the General Ledger.
  • The accurate and real time tracking of inventory.
  • Better control of the business.
  • Better handling of Royalty and Sponsorship.
  • Provide a foundation for forecasting and planning activities.
  • To enable effective electronic trading with Canterbury’s partners.
  • Provide a platform for future growth of the company – nationally and internationally.


CMC was engaged to lead the Evaluation and Selection process. CMC’s Evaluation and Selection Methodology was used to document the business requirements (using Business Scenarios), prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) and facilitate a pragmatic market assessment resulting in a preferred vendor recommendation.