Staples (formerly Corporate Express) was undertaking a number of business systems implementations including Manhattan WMS and SAP ERP.

Business Challenge

Staples was assessing methodologies to improve quality of its data and the way knowledge was managed across the organisation. They also needed to revitalise the Data Governance Council and to define the goals and KPIs for the Data Governance Council (DGC).

It was also recognised that most of the organisation operated in data silos and that “enterprise” and common data sets and flows would be the scope of the DGC. Other areas that were considered to be in scope were Data Cleansing and Migration, Education and Training and developing data standards for new business models for wholesale and retail.

A key requirement was that this work would be conducted through new as well as existing Change Management activities.


CMC was engaged to define the Master Data Management Strategy for Staples. The DGC was reinstated and restructured. Data Council Stewards were established to deliver the goals and responsibilities of the group. CMC then Chaired the DGC pending transition to internal resources.

An ongoing long term organisation structure and process was established and key deliverables were completed during the implementation phase which included documenting:

  • Enterprise Data and Knowledge Management Charter Policies.
  • Priorities for the introduction of Data Standards and processes and long term resolution of data quality issues.
  • Metrics and KPIs for the quality of data across the major / priority data sets.
  • Organisation Change Management and Communication Plan.

Work then continued on facilitating, agreeing and defining the KPI’s for data standards and management and providing input into the development of training material for the Data Stewards.