Baycorp Advantage manages the Credit Reference Association environment through a network of geographically distributed Data Centres and Servers.

The processing environment had been created over time and added to through business acquisitions. This resulted in a less than optimal delivery of processing capability across the organisation. The ongoing maintenance and support costs were also seen to offer opportunities for rationalisation and cost savings.

Business Challenge

The Baycorp Data Centres needed to be rationalised from 7 to 2 Data Centres, combined with a significant rationalisation of Intel, UNIX and other servers located throughout the organisation.

It was anticipated that significant operational savings would be achieved within a short timeframe; providing a more reliable, secure and effective environment on which the business could expand.


CMC provided a Network and Infrastructure Consultant to draw together various documents prepared by Baycorp’s technical teams into a detailed Business Case for presentation to the Board. A detailed Business Case supported by appropriate documentation was delivered to the organisation for presentation to the Board.