Collaborative Risk Based Testing

CMC developed a pragmatic based testing methodology known as Collaborative Risk Based Testing (CRBT) in 1990. CRBT can be applied to System Testing, Integration Testing or User Acceptance Testing (UAT) requirements.

We provide this methodology to our clients on a “no charge” basis wherever CMC is involved in the test management process. Often the CMC resources are retained for the purpose of skills transfer, test strategy preparation and management of the testing activities.

The essential difference between CMC’s Testing Method and other approaches is that CMC’s approach is based on being collaborative and focused on the risk elements of testing.

The process starts through the definition of a Test Strategy document. This document, like a Project Charter, defines the exact scope of the testing process as well as defining the roles to be performed by the participants in the process. Creating the Test Strategy involves analysing the testing objective (e.g. the software application) and dividing it into functional units. These functional units may be individual programs, modules or groups of functions packaged together for testing purposes.

The Business Sponsor and Subject Matter owners then decide the priority of the components encompassed within the testing scope. By determining the level of testing for each component, a series of metrics may be applied to enable the Test Strategy document to clearly define the time, cost and deliverables on which the testing will be founded.

CMC has had significant recognition and acceptance of the value of the underlying principles of our Collaborative Risk Based Test Method. CMC has worked with organisations such as Hutchison Telecoms and Suncorp / GIO to integrate these foundations into their in-house Testing and Application Release Methodologies with very positive outcomes and efficiency improvements.

CMC has completed the loop for methodology based assignments, by providing skills transfer and training to test teams on the effective conduct and facilitation of Collaborative Risk Based Testing assessment workshops. This is essential if the ongoing benefits are to be gained from this approach.

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We had a very challenging testing project to deliver to one of our large clients in a short timeframe which meant we needed to find an innovative, effective and economical approach. CMC’s Collaborative Risk Based Testing Methodology was viewed by the client as one of the most critical ingredients to the success of the entire project.

Val Hunting, Project Manager - Acumen Alliance