Strategic Consulting

Business conditions today are more challenging than ever. Executives and seniors managers across all industries are facing global opportunities and threats, changing economic conditions, tougher regulations and an ever increasing array of technologies that they need to understand. Each of these challenges demand executive time and attention to formulate alternatives and decide a course of action.

However, business leaders are already stretched to their limits. Responding to cost pressures, companies have thinned the ranks of management and barely have adequate resources to handle day-to-day operations, let alone take on new initiatives; even those that could bring significant improvements.

When senior managers look within their organisations for help, they often find that their internal staff lack the expertise in best business practices or new technologies. Or, because they may be personally affected by changes in their working environment, they may find it difficult to consider all the options available to them.

When executives look outside for help, they often find that their traditional advisors have conflicts of interest. Many consulting firms and technology consultants have become biased. They have vendor relationships they must maintain, products they represent and even sales quotas they must reach; none of which are of interest to the client. As a result, managers of today have very few sources of advice that are truly objective and independent.

Independent Advice and Guidance

CMC is a consulting company that provides independent advice and guidance for business and information technology decisions, along with practical assistance for implementing those decisions for bottom line results. We work closely with senior executives and managers to formulate and implement business strategies that remove constraints to business performance. We provide:

  • ERP Strategy and Advice
  • ERP Consulting
  • ERP Vendor Assessment
  • ERP Business Development Strategy

"When Fantastic was looking to team up with strategic consulting partner we were focused on ensuring that the organisation was completely independent and that they had an excellent knowledge of Supply Chain, Retail and Warehouse Management business systems and processes. CMC was selected because they understood our business and could demonstrate their capability to deliver complex projects."

Jason Jack, General Manager IT - Fantastic Holdings